Young, HIV-positive and fighting back beautifully

Very inspiring and enlightening article about living with HIV as a Ugandan youth.


Robinah Babirye’s neat university room seems to be the go-to room for neighbours in need of anything.

Yet even as the winner of this year’s Miss Young Positive (Y+) beauty pageant, Babirye is not just another pretty face. She is a peer educator on how to live with HIV, since she also has the virus that causes Aids.

Her life story is an example of how, unlike in the past, HIV-positive people can live normally and be by society.

“While I want everyone to know I have HIV, I do not want to be taken as a special- needs person. People think that if they give us excessive care, we feel good; instead, they make you feel like you are a dependant,” she says. “Even in school, because the teachers knew I was HIV-positive, they did not want to punish me but I always insisted that they did.”

Her dotting…

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